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RYA - demountable cabinet, 1200 / 1500 kg
- Assembled cabinet easily demountable
- IP20
- loading capacity 1200/1500 kg
- easy installation of the cables without stretching
- mounting of the accessories into the enlarged skeleton rails
Installation of cables
mounting without stretching of the cables
Break-out cable entries
on side edges of roof cover
Fringe edge
Supply includes 1 m.
Installing of the skeleton
by threading parts and screws
Flex frame
Four-point fixing allows installation of sliding rails in a spon of 19“, 21“ and 23“ for cabinets 800 mm wide
Perforated skeleton rails
Square perforation for the captive nuts alongside whole height of the rail in the unit span allows additional accesory installation.
All deteachable parts are bonded in accordance to appropriate standard.
Laser unit marking of vertical rails
steel plate 2 mm
Load increase from 1200 to 1500 kg
19“ rail strength member RAX-VR-Txx-X2
Close profile ( 4 pcs ) - 1,5 mm cold-rolled steel. It increases the loading capacity of the cabinet wide 800 mm up to 1500 kg.
Installation of optional accessories
Accessory - horizontal cable management (optional accessory).
Accessory - vertical cable management in skeleton (optional accessory).
Power distribution units
integrated holder of PDU in every corner (in combination with optional accessory)
Free-standing cabinet RYA - PDF download Complete info on RYA