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19" Sliding shelf 3U
19" Server base station 3U, 750 mm, max. load 45 kg

Do you have a server that is not designed for 19" mounting or don´t you have a suitable mounting slide rails? Exactly for you we prepared the server base station.

It allows you to place up to 45kg of equipment in a fully retractable construction and integrate it comfortably in the cabinet infrastructure.

The station occupies 3U, of which 2U is used for base body and 1U is used for the installed equipment. Higher device will then occupy the space above the base station. You install a device either to the height-adjustable holders or just lay on the shelf.

To connect the devices there are available mounting positions 10". One is at the forefront of the slide, the other one on the rear of the fixed corpus. They are used mainly for installation of PDU panels and patch panels. Thanks to their location, the length of the connecting cable is minimal and installation is compact . Integrated holder for 8 Keystones is also prepared on the rear face of the fixed part.

The interior of the station enables storing of power and data cables. Storing of relatively large cable reserve and documentation is allowed thanks to its space.

19" Sliding shelf 3U - PDF download