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Magnetic LED light unit

Let us inform you that we have extended our portfolio by newly added LED Light unit RAX-OJ-X07-X1, which offers a lot of inovative technical solutions.
External transformator enables minimizing of own unit, which occupies neccessary place in the cabinet only.
The new Light unit ensures a high light intensity which can be compared with much larger unites from other competitors. Dimensions of our light unit are 25 x 25 x 485 mm only.
Very low thermal output of unit doesn´t increase temperature conditions of installed technologies. Safe voltage 12V is used for unit feeding and The power switch is on the power cord.

3 methods of mounting

1. By means of integrated magnets inside the cabinet. The light units can be fastened on a metal surface, for example on the top of the cabinet. We provided 19" holder for this kind of installation, (part number RAC-OP-X07-A1) with plastic pins, which covers 1/2 units only. The holder enables easy removal and the unit can be used as a working light. Direction of lighting is a parallel with the vertical rails and it provides protection against glare.

2. Hanging up on the hook included in the packing.

3. Light unit unit can be fixed on 19 vertical rails by two screws after opening of the plastic holders on each unit side. The screws are not included in the packing.

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